(Physmap-)design question

Florian Schirmer / TayTron schirmer at taytron.net
Mon Mar 26 10:00:23 EST 2001


I've just a little question: While looking around the mtd directory i found
a couple of drivers which a basically all the same. More or less the same
than physmap.c. The only things that are different are size, offset and if
availible the partititions and bank informations.

As i have to write a driver which supports our hardware out of the box i
wondered wether its the best way. There a two solutions for this problem:

a) Putting all drivers together into one file and do some ifdef's
b) Putting together a common file which holds all common stuff and a
hardware specific file which only consits of the size, offset, ...

What do you think (David)?

Thanks a lot
   Florian Schirmer

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