CFI Devices in x8 mode

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Mar 26 07:00:24 EST 2001

ajlennon at said:
>  Running cfi_probe() from the mediagx driver now results in no CFI
> chip being found. A brief look through the detection code shows that
> we are writing 0x98 (Read Query Command) to offset 0x55. Next we read
> back and expect to see 'Q', 'R' 'Y' starting at 0x10 (given a device
> type of x8 (equ 1) and an interleave of 1).

The 8-bit buswidth probe doesn't attempt to probe for a device type X16 any 
more. It should. Someone gave me a patch for that a few days ago, I think - 
but I can't find it. I've just committed what I think is the correct fix to 


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