What should value of CONFIG_MTD_CFIB* be?

Florian Schirmer / TayTron schirmer at taytron.net
Mon Mar 5 02:05:25 EST 2001

Hi ...

> What should my values be for above variables
> if my hardware is two Intel 28F160S3
> (sector size 64K) flash devices, configured to operate in
> 16-bit mode giving me 4Mb, 32-bit wide memory?
> This is how my MTD config looks like and cfi_probe is not able to
> detect these intel chips.

CFI probe needs CONFIG_MTD_CFI_INTELEXT=y to find the chips. I dont know
about the JEDEC code, wether it is working already or work in progress.
Maybe you want to disable CONFIG_MTD_CSTM_CFI_JEDEC and CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC.
You dont need it for CFI chips.

If it still doesn't work check out the latest code from cvs. (But there is a
small bug which prevents in cfi_cmdset_0001 from compiling - look at my next

Hope that helps,
   Florian Schirmer

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