MTD: linux-2.4.0-test9 on a PowerPC board.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Jan 25 03:54:39 EST 2001

brendan.simon at said:
>  Trying to debug things we have noticed that some of the data returned
>  has the bytes swapped.  It seems the NUM ERASE UNITS is returning
> 0xFA03  where as it should be returning 0x03FA.  It looks like an
> endian  problem.  Is the DOC code endian neutral ??  Will the endian
> problems be  rampant throughout the code or will it be confined to a
> few places ??

We don't actually seem to use NumEraseUnits, although I have absolutely no 
recollection _why_ not. But that would explain why we never bother to 
byteswap it. The code is intended to be endian-aware, although 
I've personally only tested it on LE machines, so I wouldn't swear that 
I've caught all cases. 

> Has anyone used a DOC on a PowerPC processor or other big endian
> architecture ?? 

It's been known, but I can't remember whether the person who asked me about 
it ever admitted to it in public. 


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