MTD: linux-2.4.0-test9 on a PowerPC board.

Brendan J Simon brendan.simon at
Wed Jan 24 01:30:31 EST 2001

My company has a custom PowerPC board with a DOC2000 (8MB) on it.  I am 
trying to get linux-2.4.0-test9 running on it with the MTD drivers.  We 
think the DOC was detected initially but it seems that NFTL media header 
has been blown away.  I think this happened when we tried to write to it 
or format the device.

Trying to debug things we have noticed that some of the data returned 
has the bytes swapped.  It seems the NUM ERASE UNITS is returning 0xFA03 
where as it should be returning 0x03FA.  It looks like an endian 
problem.  Is the DOC code endian neutral ??  Will the endian problems be 
rampant throughout the code or will it be confined to a few places ??

Has anyone used a DOC on a PowerPC processor or other big endian 
architecture ??

Thanks for any help,
Brendan Simon.

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