Bjorn Wesen bjorn.wesen at
Mon Jan 15 11:59:10 EST 2001

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > Axis flash: Found 1 x16 CFI device at 0x0 in 16 bit mode Number of
> > erase regions is zero
> That shouldn't happen. Where did you put that check? Can you enable 
> DEBUG_CFI? What does it print just after you read it from the flash
> at line 545:
> #ifdef DEBUG_CFI
>         printk("Number of erase regions: %d\n", num_erase_regions);
> #endif

I did not put any check anywhere. It printed that out of its own free will
:) I enabled CONFIG_MTD_DEBUG with CONFIG_MTD_DEBUG_LEVEL @ 3, but no
other lines were printed (which is suspicious). 

> I'll update my own tree for the board on my desk and check it's still
> working for me since the changes to fix 16-bit devices in 8-bit mode were
> merged. I have AMD chips in 1x16 arrangement too.

Great.. something must have burped because in the 2.4.0-kernel version, it
at least found the chip even though cfi_probe failed.


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