David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Jan 15 09:36:08 EST 2001

bjorn.wesen at said:
>  It can be a hidden CONFIG option, like sets it
> automatically for those physmappings that require it, and then just
> remove the logic to do that in the Makefile - I can check that in if
> you want :) 

Yes please.

bjorn.wesen at said:
> Axis flash: Found 1 x16 CFI device at 0x0 in 16 bit mode Number of
> erase regions is zero

That shouldn't happen. Where did you put that check? Can you enable 
DEBUG_CFI? What does it print just after you read it from the flash
at line 545:
#ifdef DEBUG_CFI
        printk("Number of erase regions: %d\n", num_erase_regions);

Having that set to zero is OK for a CFI flash - it means you erase the 
whole device in one go. But that's not the case for your device, or indeed 
any device I've yet encountered, so it's not supported by the code yet.

I'll update my own tree for the board on my desk and check it's still
working for me since the changes to fix 16-bit devices in 8-bit mode were
merged. I have AMD chips in 1x16 arrangement too.


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