Supported flash memory

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Jan 5 11:29:09 EST 2001

Russ.Dill at said:
>  What about flashes that say they have CUI (Command user interface)
> and SR (Status register)? 

Not sure. I haven't encountered those. 

> what are CFI commands? are they 8bit, 16bit? 

Can be either. 

> if you have 2 chips giving you a 32bit databus, does it write out the same
> command on the high lane and the low lane?  


Russ.Dill at said:
>  I've noticed LART connects address and data lines to flash in
> positions most convienent to route. Does this break any CFI
> functionality? 

What do you mean? It's generally considered quite rude for hardware 
designers to connect nets to _completely_ random places on the chips, 
although sometimes it wouldn't really surprise me.


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