Supported flash memory

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Jan 5 07:05:46 EST 2001

Russ.Dill at said:
>  Besides footprints, pinouts, etc, my other concern is software. The
> logical combination would seem to be blob/mtd. What flash products are
> known or probable to be compatible with this combination, what should
> I look for to attempt to assertain compatibilty? Does blob/mtd work
> transparently with a 16bit or 32bit ROM bus? 

The MTD code ought to work with any CFI-compliant flash chip from Intel or 
AMD, and with a few others too. In most combinations of bus size / 

I don't know about blob, but RedBoot should support most of the flash 
setups you're likely to encounter, too.


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