Unable to mount compressed root f/s because init_mtd() does not r egister block device!

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri Feb 23 03:24:56 EST 2001

vmalik at danielind.com said:
>  Are you saying that you'll not fix this "bug" for me ;) Would saying
> please help :) 

Heh. Of course I'll help. Not sure how best to go about it, though. Init 
order dependencies are ugly. rd_load() should probably be one of the last 
things in the boot sequence, rather than an initcall. Can you add it to 
init/main.c just before mount_root()?

> > We'll have JFFS2 (with compression) ready to roll out quite soon :)

> Well, there still would be reasons to decompress a root file system
> into ramdisk and run from there, namely: 

Definitely. Just pushing my new baby, that's all :)

>  3. Compressibility: I would hazard a guess that the compressibility
> obtained with compressing an entire file system image would be better
> than that obtained with just compressing individual inode data. 

Yep. Actually we only compress a single page at a time 
in jffs2, not even the whole inode.


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