Unable to mount compressed root f/s because init_mtd() does not r egister block device!

Vipin Malik vmalik at danielind.com
Thu Feb 22 15:01:09 EST 2001

Bacause, the ram disk driver needs a registered block device to
decompress from. This code already exists in the linux kernel (see
(to uncompress a compressed root file system image). I don't want to
write it again.

Also, as far as reading goes, there is no real difference between the
mtd0 device and the block device (i.e. reading from
mtd0 does not get you anything extra).


Amit D Chaudhary wrote:

> Hi,
> A question here, why not uncompress from the raw mtd device(that is
> /dev/mtd0, /dev/mtd1, etc) instead?
> Thanks
> Amit
> Vipin Malik wrote:
> > In 2.2.18 patched with the 2.2.18 patch, I'm trying to boot
> > a kernel from raw (CFI) flash and decompress an ext2 root
> > f/s image (from /dev/mtdblock0) into ramdisk and mount it as root.
> >

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