Unable to mount compressed root f/s because init_mtd() does not r egister block device!

Vipin Malik Vipin.Malik at daniel.com
Wed Feb 21 23:19:05 EST 2001

In 2.2.18 patched with the 2.2.18 patch, I'm trying to boot
a kernel from raw (CFI) flash and decompress an ext2 root
f/s image (from /dev/mtdblock0) into ramdisk and mount it as root.

Everything goes fine, (kernel boots etc.) but when the load ramdisk
code runs, it fails with a -ENODEV when it tries to open
the root device (to load the compressed root file system, present
on /dev/mtdblock0- right after the kernel).

It fails because, even though init_mtd() has been already
called before the rd_load() call in init/main.c, init_mtd()
does NOT call init_mtdblock() which actually registers the
mtdblock device.
This is done much later when the file system is actually installed.

Why? Any particular reason or no one tried this before.



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