MTD device minor numbers, documentation wrong?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Feb 13 05:05:45 EST 2001

johan.adolfsson at said:
> The 2.4.0 Documentation/devices.txt says that even MTD minor numbers
> are readonly, but that doesn't seem to be correct when trying things
> in real life. Is the documentation wrong, or do I have the wrong
> version of it? Or are we doing something wrong when registering
> partitions? 

It's correct for the character device, because that's what I inherited from 
the original allocation in devices.txt. Not for the block devices. See 
util/MAKEDEV in my CVS tree. That tends to agree with the code, regardless 
of the state of the documentation - unless some helpful person has 'fixed' 
it to match the docs :)


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