MTD device minor numbers, documentation wrong?

Johan Adolfsson johan.adolfsson at
Tue Feb 13 04:33:34 EST 2001

The 2.4.0 Documentation/devices.txt says that
even MTD minor numbers are readonly, but that doesn't seem to
be correct when trying things in real life.
Is the documentation wrong, or do I have the wrong version of it?
Or are we doing something wrong when registering partitions?

 31 char        MPU-401 MIDI
                  0 = /dev/mpu401data   MPU-401 data port
                  1 = /dev/mpu401stat   MPU-401 status port
    block       ROM/flash memory card
                  0 = /dev/rom0         First ROM card (rw)
                  7 = /dev/rom7         Eighth ROM card (rw)
                  8 = /dev/rrom0        First ROM card (ro)

 90 char        Memory Technology Device (RAM, ROM, Flash)
                  0 = /dev/mtd0         First MTD (rw)
                  1 = /dev/mtdr0        First MTD (ro)
                 30 = /dev/mtd15        16th MTD (rw)
                 31 = /dev/mtdr15       16th MTD (ro)

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