Problems with cfi_cmdset_0002.c

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Feb 12 11:36:34 EST 2001

jonas.holmberg at said:
>  I have now tested with a bottom boot chip also and it works (it is
> not swapped and should not be). So the problem is how to find out that
> the top boot chip is a top boot chip. A table does not sound like a
> very nice solution, but I don't know of any other. The datasheet for
> the flash chip does not mention the address used to read bootloc:

> 	bootloc = cfi_read_query(map, (adr+15)*ofs_factor); 

The datasheet for the AM29LV320D lists it - page 23 of AMD publication 
#23579, Rev A; issued Nov 1, 2000.

Personally, my inclination would be to return the poxy things to AMD
complaining that the CFI tables are broken. How many are you buying?

Otherwise, I think the JEDEC ID may be the only option.

jonas.holmberg at said:
>  I haven't got commit access...

Gimme SSH public key.


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