Applying MTD to 2.2.x kernel

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Mon Aug 13 13:59:23 EDT 2001

Hmmm, I forgot to mention that I compile every things in the Kernel, the
module are enable but I am not compiling any.

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> From: Vipin Malik [mailto:Vipin.Malik at]
> Sent: August 13, 2001 1:48 PM
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> Subject: RE: Applying MTD to 2.2.x kernel
> >I have tried to apply some snapshot of the MTD to kernels 
> 2.2.17 2.2.18
> >without any success. If I only apply the mtd-2.2.17.patch, I 
> dont have any
> >problems with patch, but then it wont compile. 
> I believe that mtd does not compile as modules in the 2.2.x 
> series. You must
> build the stuff into the kernel. If you are not using 
> modules, then it may
> help if you post an example of your compilation issues.
> Vipin

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