Applying MTD to 2.2.x kernel

Patrick Allaire pallaire at
Mon Aug 13 13:49:22 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I a Newbie to the world of Flash access drivers. I am having quite a hard
time to path the kernel to support MTD flash driver. I want to use 2.2.19
kernel, but 2.2.18 would also be fine.

I have tried to apply some snapshot of the MTD to kernels 2.2.17 2.2.18
without any success. If I only apply the mtd-2.2.17.patch, I dont have any
problems with patch, but then it wont compile. If I try to add the others
pach to the kernel, I get somes patchings errors. I am alwais using a fresh
downloaded kernel from, there is not any other patch aplyed
to it.

I have been able to path and compile 2.4.0 kernel, but this is not a kernel
that I can use in my embedded system.

Is there a know snapshot that is suppose to wok on a 2.2.x kernel ?

Before I get tell to search the old message archive, is there a way to do a
search in the archive or I have to go through hte messages month bu month ?

Thank alot for your time.

Patrick Allaire
mailto:pallaire at
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