Detection of mtd devices

pirabusisamani visakan kpsmanivisakan at
Mon Aug 13 10:55:42 EDT 2001

Hello everybody,

I am trying to make mtd partitions in my ATMEL
AT49BV1604 flash, I have selected physical memory
mapping and edited that to make 3 partitions,
when I burn the flash and run the system, It gave some
errors as follows.

maprom_write called
maprom_write called
maprom_write called
[4] jffs_gcd:branch through zero
Intenal error: Oops: 0
and finally goes to the command promt.

When I cat the proc entry for mtd
mtd0:	00100000  00020000 "Physically mapped flash"
mtd1: 	00001000  00020000 "loader"
mtd2:	000b7000  00020000 "kernel"
mtd3:	00048000  00020000 "files"

Is this indicates the mtd is properly mounted?
I could not see any read operations and I can't do
write operation.

Does anybody find the fault, pls give me a clue to me?

Thanks in advance 	

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