DOC2000 erase size of 16k?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Aug 13 03:37:07 EDT 2001

pla at said:
>  Ah, many thanks.  the 2.4.8 kernel made all my problems magically go
> away, how wonderful!  (Guess I should have paid more attention to the
> kernel changelogs, my bad).

Er, that code is older than the 20010807 snapshot you said you were using. 
I meant the latest code from my CVS. I'm slightly concerned that the older 
code works when the newer code doesn't - it's supposed to work the other 
way round. Can you check the latest code and make sure it works there too?

>   Now on to the fun of getting GRUB to work as the DOC firmware (I
> don't suppose anyone's written a more detailed guide than the 4-step
> README in mtd/grub?  Such as, where does an 80k stage2 go when the DOC
> firmware region only holds 48k?  <G>)

It doesn't work perfectly yet, although it shouldn't take much to fix it.
To make it fit, you have to use nftl_format to make the NFTL start further 
in to the device.


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