Problems with NAND support

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 7 06:26:17 EDT 2001

juan at said:
>  We only can get a kernel image if we don't enable NAND device
> support.  The problem is that we really need it. Do you know why? 

If you're using raw NAND chips you'll need a tiny board-specific glue 
driver like spia.c to let the generic nand code know how to access the 

You can't use FTL on it because that's for NOR flash. You can't use NFTL 
because that requires the DiskOnChip ECC hardware, and in many places both 
suffer from patent problems.

You can use JFFS on it, but JFFS2 hasn't yet been made to deal with NAND 
flash - I'm happy to give you pointers if you want to fix that.

I'd also like to see someone write a SmartMedia-compatible translation 
layer driver - that ought to be fairly simple to do too.


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