Problems with NAND support

Juan Ramon Jimenez juan at
Mon Aug 6 11:00:02 EDT 2001


   Hi all

    We are trying to compile a kernel with MTD support but we have
some problems to get it. We have probed with several kernel sources
(2.4.3, 2.4.6, 2.4.7) and with the same sources replacing the mtd
files with the cvs directory files from In both cases
we have the same results: We only can get a kernel image if we don't
enable NAND device support.  The problem is that we really need it. Do
you know why?

Also we have seen that we _must_ set a value for 'physical start
address of flash mapping' But we have read in 'mtd-jffs-HOWTO.txt':

   ' If you leave the address blank (or just don't enable the advanced 
     options), the code will *auto probe*. This works quite well (at 
     least for me). Try it first.'

What's the problem then?

   We have used  gcc 2.96 and egcs 2.91.66 with a Red Hat 7.0 (kernel

   Any comment or solution will be welcome. Thanks

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