DOC 2000 driver (NFTL) in kernel 2.4.7

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 7 05:36:39 EDT 2001

saul at said:
>  I fixed it by formatting with nftl_format (also comes with MTD
> source), providing it a 240k offset so it would not trash the BIOS at
> the beginning of the chip (Ampro specific).

That's normally 48KiB for the standard on-device firmware, I think.

> Works fine! So, what's the difference between the two formats?!? Both
> start at the exact same place on the DOC, as seen by running nftldump
> before and after. 

Please upgrade to the latest version from CVS (nftlmount.c v1.20). It'll be 
a lot more explicit about its reasons for rejecting any media headers which 
it finds.


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