journalled fs on partitioned flash

David Given dg at
Wed Sep 27 07:22:25 EDT 2000

>Yep. The mtdblock device doesn't actually work, and it's used by JFFS
>_only_ to get a handle on the underlying MTD device. Use the character
>device to put your initial image on there instead.

It worked all right when I was playing with it. Admittedly, I wasn't doing any 
real work.

>I'm not sure how effective cloop on JFFS will be - if it's just
>compression you're after, you'd probably be better off implementing
>compression in JFFS - it's not too hard.

I'm using a cramfs FS image in a jffs partition. It works fine, although I get 
a few access-beyond-end-of-device errors when it gets mounted.

Do I take it that I can't burn a cramfs image into a raw partition, and then

mount /mnt /dev/mtdblock/1 -t cramfs


David Given
dg at

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