Alex J Lennon ajlennon at
Thu Sep 14 09:12:10 EDT 2000

> >  FlashFx implements VBF to support block access to the media and to
> > provide wear levelling amongst other things (I believe). The "Variable
> > Block Flash" component is *not* a filesystem. It simply translates
> > logical sector requests to physical flash locations.
> Similar in principle, then, if not in implementation, to FTL.
> A kind of pseudo-filesystem which is used to emulate a block device.
> Does it use the concepts which are patented by M-Systems? I believe that
> the patents in this area are extremely broad, and cover almost all obvious
> methods of implementing wear levelling.

There is a whitepaper discussing VBF at

Also , there is a discussion of a possible pre-cursor to FlashFx in DDJ, May
- although I haven't managed to source this .


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