lilo patch

Ian Thompson ithompson at
Wed Sep 13 14:52:24 EDT 2000

Forgive me if I'm covering familiar territory.

What was the purpose of the lilo-ebda.patch?

I have a development setup with a hard-drive and a DiskOnChip
and I was looking for a lilo patch that would allow me to boot
the hard-drive with a configured DiskOnChip in place but this 
didn't do it.

I have a 32M DOC2000 @ 0xd000:0000 

Other things I have noticed, that I, with my limited DOC knowledge,
can't explain...

A configured 32M Millenium will allow lilo to boot the hard-drive but
a configured 16M Millenium wiil not.

64M DOC2000s don't seem to work with M-Systems binary driver.

Has anyone any experience with 64M DOC2000s? We have several and 
approx. 25% won't format to full capacity with the M-Systems utilities.

Ian T.

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