MTD CVS update: 'mtd/kernel mtdblock.c'

Steven J. Hill sjhill at
Tue Oct 24 07:46:02 EDT 2000

David Woodhouse wrote:
> *(int *)0=0; doesn't cause an oops on all platforms. That was why BUG() was
> introduced. Probably better just to omit my paranoia checks altogether,
> once we're happy that mtdblock actually works. For now, surround them in
> #ifdef PARANOIA. I thought I'd done that already.
Alright, will do.

> DECLARE_MUTEX_LOCKED wants adding to compatmac.h if it's not already there.
Will do.

> What was the reasoning for removing the 'static' from the declaration of
> thr_wq?
Uhhh...that would be my stupidity. I forgot to put 'static' back on
the declaration.


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