Problems with NFTL

Dvir Oren dviro at
Thu Mar 30 10:54:25 EST 2000

I'm summarizing my trouble with NFTL, perhaps someone can help me out:

1.  I don't understand why does the flash have 999 blocks when I format
it with M-Systems' dformat, and I have more blocks when I format it with
nftl_format.  I think this is somehow related to my file system trashes,
and to LILO not being able to boot.  I also get a message about reducing
capcity for geometry reasons from 0x7cf0 to 0x7ce0.  Could this be
related (this error only when I fromat with dformat).

2.  I took a flash formatted with M-Systems' dformat, booted linux with
a kernel with MTD drivers, I then ran fdisk to change the type from dos
to linux.  After I booted, MTD is unable to find any partitions, and in
fact, I can't even do fdisk /dev/nftla.  Something gets entirely
destroyed there.

3.  I booted a kernel with M-Systems' drivers, and then created a file
system on the flash.  I then booted a kernel with MTD drivers, and tried
to write something to the flash - that was successfuly, however when I
re-booted with the kerel with M-Systems' drivers, the drivers claimed
there was an error in the partition table, and they can't read anything
off the flash.

4.  I again created a flash with a file system under M-Systems' driver. 
I ran LILO on that flash, so that it will be able to boot.  I then
booted off the flash with a kernel with the MTD drivers in it!! 
However, after a couple of boots, the file system got destructed.  I
also tried to run LILO off the flash (to /dev/nftla, instead of /dev/fla
as I did before), and LILO couldn't load.

I would really want to get a kernel with the MTD drivers to boot and
operate correctly.  Currently, I'm playing around with all sorts of
things, and getting no where.  Any help would be appreciated.

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