Axis log based flash file system

±Ç¼®±Ù kwonsk at
Mon Mar 27 21:12:10 EST 2000

Hi, all
In my thought, JFFS work of Axis was good for frequent log/delete
like network printer or image server for web cam. But not good for general
file system.
Because, in JFFS, wear-leveling is only meaningful when old file is deleted
new file is created frequently (just like printer server).  maybe that's why
they called it implicite.
(wear leveling could be occur but not sure.)
In situation where 80% of flash is steady (kernel + basic utils nerver
deleted) then only 20 % of
flash could be used in rotation. And if 20 % of flash could be fragmented
stopping rotation.  Maybe my understanding about JFFS (i just followd full
once)  would be poor. and I need more notes from axis people.

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