Axis log based flash filesystem ported to 2.3 and MTD

Alexander Larsson alex at
Mon Mar 27 03:35:49 EST 2000

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:

> Forgive me for reposting private mails to the list, but it seems that some 
> introductions are in order....
> alex at said (re Axis' JFFS):
> >  This filesystem is really needed since the ftl layer has patent
> > problem and this one seems totally free. 
> sanders at said:
> >  From what little I understand about the M-systems' patent, it
> > basically patented the idea of using an array to do the translation
> > and I would guess that Axis' work would violate that.

While i haven't read the M-systems patent I think the Axis fs doesn't
violate it, because it uses no translation array. It is a fully
log-structured filesystem directly on the flash memory, and not a flash to
block device translator.

/ Alex

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