Flash chip locking

Richard Gooch rgooch at ras.ucalgary.ca
Wed Jun 28 11:12:33 EDT 2000

Brendan Simon writes:
> You are implying that 128us is a large amount of time to wait.  Maybe 
> with todays processors it is, I don't really know if it is or isn't for 
> the average processor speed.  Does the udelay() imply that the scheduler 
> can switch to another process ?  If so, I would have thought that the 
> scheduling process would take a lot longer that 128us, but I could be 
> wrong !!!

Even on a P5, scheduling processes is < 10 us. The problem is getting
control back before they complete their timeslice. If we had an
interrupt after that 128 us it would be easy.


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