CFI flash in a PC?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Jun 28 09:23:35 EDT 2000

I'm trying to find a way of putting CFI flash chips into a PC, just to make 
my life easier for the development stage - I'm getting extremely tired of 
having to download an entire kernel to the embedded ARM board I'm testing 
on, and write it to the flash chips it boots from, every time I want to 
change a line of code.

Unfortunately, I can't find an easy way of doing it.

I thought M-Systems used to produce an ISA board which had NOR flash on it, 
but it's missing from their website, presumed discontinued.

Anyone have any ideas where I can find preferably an ISA or PCI board with 
CFI flash chips on it, or failing that an IA32 single board computer with 
flash built-in and a network interface? UK suppliers preferred but not 


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