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Joakim Tjernlund tjernlund at telia.com
Sat Jun 17 17:41:35 EDT 2000

> On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> > Well, that sounds pretty simple(pretty much the same I do today with
> > Enea OSE Delta kernel). But we also need to upgrade the kernel(download
> > new kernel, store in FS and reboot to new kernel)
> > I have read about GRUB and DOC and that sounds promising. Will that
> > work on custom board with PPC and plain Flash memory(with minor
> Well. If you have plain flash memory the best way is to store the kernel
> image in a dedicated place in the flash. Then just let the boot code jump
> to it.
> Then you can reflash the kernel image when you need to upgrade the kernel.
> That can be done using i.e. the MTD char device.

Great! should be fairly easy to make the boot code to select
between 2 different images.

> > What about device drivers for PPC 860?
> What about them? Most of the build in devices in the 860 (the
> communication controller stuff) already has drivers. You will need to
> write flash (mtd) drivers (the recent CFI stuff might work though).

Good! I am manily intressted in ethernet, UART and HDLC drivers
(plus flash, but I expect to write that myself)

Do you know good distro start with or should I just take
the latest kernel release?

Many thanks for your patience and help!

> / Alex

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