MTD CVS update: 'mtd/fs/jffs inode-v22.c Makefile inode.c'

Alexander Larsson alex at
Fri Jun 16 07:49:20 EDT 2000

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:

> alex at said:
> >  Hmmm. There is quite a lot of 'spurious' differences in the 2.2
> > version and the 2.3 version. They could be merged to be much more
> > alike.
> I know. I've imported Sébastien's version as-is for now, and I'm about to 
> look at little details like making it compile :)
> After that, some of the spurious differences can be eliminated. We may even 
> be able to have an 'inode-common.c' and make the v22 and v23 versions even 
> smaller - we'll see.

A lot of it is whitespace changes. Some are optimizations, fixes and
changes I've seem to have done after Sébastien branched his version.

/ Alex

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