Request: examples of using LILO or GRUB to boot from DOC

Karl Pitrich pit at
Wed Jul 26 16:18:00 EDT 2000

Christian Lademann wrote:
> I am trying hard to get a 4Mb DoC to boot something else but MS-DOS.
> Could somebody please mail me her/his lilo-
> or grub-configuration?
> Is there currently a working way to boot Linux from a DOC using free
> software, anyhow?

lilo works, use the patched one from the mtd package.
for a stable system it is recomended to use the DoC driver provided by
m-system, i guess.

Installation goes like this:

- mount the DoC to /mnt/doc.
- put a kernel with according driver in /mnt/doc/boot/, name it kernel;
- copy the boot.b from the mtd package to /mnt/doc/boot/
- change the rootdevice of the kernel with 'rdev /dev/fla1

- Generate /root/lilo-doc.conf similar to the following:

	vga = normal  
	image = /mnt/doc/boot/kernel
	root = /dev/fla1
	label = linux

- install lilo with
	lilo-mtd -C /root/lilo-doc.conf -I /mnt/doc/boot/boot.b -m


dunno about a small DoC, but on a 16mb you will need a extra boot
partition with ie. 1MB,
because otherwise lilo will see too much cylinders (>1024) and therefore
can't be installed.
if you do this, surely change /dev/fla1 to /dev/fla2, because /dev/fla1
just holds the kernel.

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