persistence of files using jffs

Juan Gonzo kayemmess at
Fri Jul 14 19:09:47 EDT 2000

When umount and then remount, any new files I copied are
not there.

Our system has 4 Intel Strataflash chips that are coupled pairs
to give us 32MB at 32bits data width.  In the structure 'map_info',
I set the 'buswidth' field to 4.

The startup code uses the write32 functions, but when I mount 
I noticed that write16 functions are being used.  As well, in 
the file cfi_cmdset_0001.c, only write16 functions are called.  
Is this causing a problem for our system?

   -- kelly

--- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at> wrote:
> kayemmess at said:
> >    (1) mknod /dev/mtd3 b 31 3   (mtd3 is where the fs 'partition'
> is,
> >                                  using examples from nora.c)
> The block devices should be /dev/mtdblock<n>. /dev/mtd3 should be a 
> character device. But the names don't really matter.
> kayemmess at said:
> >  And I can 'umount /mnt' successfully as well.
> > However, when I cycle power on the system, any *new* files I create
> or
> > copy into this space are lost. 
> Hmmm. Are they there when you unmount and remount? Can you make sure
> you're 
> using the latest version from CVS, and enable CONFIG_JFFS_FS_VERBOSE?
> --
> dwmw2
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