inode alignment in flash

Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. rogelio at
Wed Jul 12 14:04:27 EDT 2000

Finn Hakansson wrote:

> No, raw inodes in JFFS is not aligned on page boundaries. There
> is a definition in jffs_fm.h called JFFS_ALIGN_SIZE which is the
> alignment of all kinds of data on-flash. Currently JFFS_ALIGN_SIZE
> is set to 4 bytes. (The comments in the switch in jffs_scan_flash
> about blocks are a little obsolete. Sorry about that.)

I have already noticed that macro before but I had doubts when I came across
the comments when I dived deep into the code.

> Did I get this right? You first create a jffs image with mkfs.jffs
> which you are able to mount the first time. Then you write some more
> data to the flash device, while mounted, and everything is fine. When
> you then mount after doing these writes, it fails. Exactly where does
> the mount fail? Hmmm... Can you turn on the debug printouts and try
> to see what is going wrong?
> Best regards,
> Finn

Not quiet. I created a jffs image by using cat. When I mounted it the first
time I noticed that some inodes were already being discarded as invlaid . I
didnt write anything to it. After a long time and a lot of messages about
invalid checksums it successfuly mounts. I cd into the mounted fs and did an
"ls -l" in the directory. The file size for one file was wrong. It was the
file with the "invalid" inodes. When I unmount and then mount again it
simply fails.

Now I looked at the sources and noticed the patch about byteorder.... I
applied it and recompiled the kernel and now I can mount with no problems. I
cant write on it though, it just fails. I commented out the part that
restricts write to 512 and all but still it wont write. I will try turning
on debug and post a copy the output.


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