NFTL problems

Patrick Higgins phiggins at
Mon Jul 10 14:45:52 EDT 2000

I think I've found a bug in NFTL, but since some things aren't working
after applying my "fix" I haven't committed it.

I found the bug while trying to fdisk /dev/nftla to change the partition
type from 4 to 83 after using dformat on the DoC.  I was getting a kernel
oops when fdisk calls the BLKRRPART ioctl.  I think the problem is that
the code is calling resetup_one_dev on the wrong disk:

resetup_one_dev(&nftl_gendisk, MINOR(inode->i_dev) / 16);

when the line should read:

resetup_one_dev(&nftl_gendisk, MINOR(inode->i_rdev) / 16);

The grok_partitions call probably needs a similar fix.  After making this
change, the kernel oops went away and the fdisk completed normally.  I was
also able to run mke2fs on /dev/nftla1, but after all this, nothing seemed
to change.  The partition still showed itself as a type 4, and it still
had a FAT filesystem on it.  It's as if CONFIG_NFTL_RW wasn't defined (but
wouldn't all writes fail with -1 then?).  Anyone know what's going on?


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