Fujitsu MBM29LV160

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Jul 6 08:55:48 EDT 2000

mkomiya at said:
> I want to use FTL and JFFS for our system. These filesystems can be
> used on AMD's flash chips?

FTL provides a block device, on which you put a 'normal' filesystem.
JFFS runs directly on the flash.

You don't need both, and FTL is patented in some jurisdictions so you're 
not permitted to use it on non-PCMCIA devices.

mkomiya at said:
> Our system has two interleaved flash in 32 bit mode. So I want to
> implement only 32bit read & write routines instead of 16 bit if it is
> allowed. FTL or JFFS require 16bit read & write routines ?

FTL and JFFS can't actually tell what the underlying MTD driver uses to 
talk to the flash chips. So it doesn't matter. 


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