Hardware RO & delays [DOC2000]

Dvir Oren dviro at lucidvon.com
Fri Jan 7 10:55:38 EST 2000

> Are you sure it is the DOC drivers ?  Could it be something else ?
> Highly loaded ethernet network with lots of collisions which forces the
> ethernet card to back off it's transmissions ?

No.  I'm not sure it's the flash.  However, these delays don't happen 
on a standard PC that doesn't have flash (of course, there are 
several hundred other differences), but it does occur on a "network 
computer" that has no hard disk and uses flash.

> If you are not using a Real Time Operating System (like RT-Linux or
> KURT) then you are not guaranteed to have processes run with any
> determinism.

The system doesn't really need to be real time, it can suffer small 

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