Hardware RO & delays [DOC2000]

Brendan J Simon Brendan.Simon at ctam.com.au
Thu Jan 6 21:01:47 EST 2000

Dvir Oren wrote:

> 2.  Does the driver block the system?  I'm experience delays in
> sending udp packets over ethernet for periods of 50-300
> miliseconds.  I have a function that is supposed to send every
> several miliseconds a packets, and when going over the logs, I
> once in a while see a packet that is delayed for several tens of
> miliseconds, which is not acceptable by me.  Any ideas?
> David, does the driver block the system?

Are you sure it is the DOC drivers ?  Could it be something else ?
Highly loaded ethernet network with lots of collisions which forces the
ethernet card to back off it's transmissions ?

If you are not using a Real Time Operating System (like RT-Linux or
KURT) then you are not guaranteed to have processes run with any

Brendan Simon.

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