module registration changes

Erwin Authried eauth at
Mon Dec 18 12:05:32 EST 2000

Currently, I have two seperate directory trees for mtd and for the linux
kernel. With a link
to the mtd sources in the drivers directory, and a second link in
includes/linux to the includes/linux/mtd directory, both trees can
maintained with CVS completely seperately. This wouldn't be possible that
easy with files in the include/linux subdir.


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> On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Erwin Authried wrote:
> > there were a couple of small changes necessary to compile on 2.0.
> > Here are some other changes that I would like to commit too, please let
> > know if its ok.:
> >
> > * Use #ifdef NO_MM in mtdchar.c to avoid vmalloc if no MMU is used
> > (uClinux).
> >
> > * "list.h" is missing in the 2.0 kernel source. The best thing that I
> > think of is to simply add it
> > to MTD in linux/mtd/list.h.
> Well...  I would suggest you add it where it belongs i.e.
> include/linux/list.h.
> Nicolas

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