DOC2000 & NFTL problems (2MB and 64MB devices)

Miguel Freitas miguel at
Mon Aug 14 09:48:56 EDT 2000

Ciro wrote:

> Under DOS everything works fine: the systems detects, identifies
> and formats the DOC. Everything is also fine with the binary-only
> Linux driver provided by M-Systems, under Linux 2.0.38.
> Next, I try Linux 2.2.16 with the mtd driver and patch.
> ...then I get the following message, repeated for all EUNs
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> EUN 506: EraseMark not 0x3c69 (0xffff 0xffff instead)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------

   Sorry for the delay...

   The current driver _does not_ supports NAND chips of 2MB and  
64MB due to their addressing mechanism. I've been working on this 
last week and I will release a patch in the next few days...
   Also, there should be a problem with 8MB and 16MB nand chips 
because they have a larger erase block. My patch also corrects this.
   NOTE: This is not a problem with 8 or 16MB DiskOnChips! It's is a 
problem with whatever xxMB DiskOnChips that use 8 and 16MB 
nand chips! BTW, a 2MB DiskOnChip = one 2MB nand chip.


Miguel Freitas
Center for Telecommunications Studies
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