Has MTD production quality support for DOC2000?

Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. rogelio at evoserve.com
Fri Aug 11 05:53:18 EDT 2000

Sigurd Urdahl wrote:

> David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at redhat.com> writes:
> > sigurdur at ifi.uio.no said:
> > >  I'm quite new at embedding my penguin, and will have to embedd it on
> > > a DOC2000. But since I'm new at this I am quite confused... I am
> > > considering going with MTD instead of m-sys drivers, but after
> > > searching the archives I'm still not sure on wether MTD is stable
> > > enough for production or not, so please help:=)
> >
> > Not yet, if you want to write to the device. Nobody at the moment seems to
> > be working very fast on it, and I've been busy with JFFS recently.

I have been writing to the DOC for weeks now under jffs. I have given up
completely. I have patches here but I will not submit them because I
have not
tested them with NFTL except for the multipage read write support.
Anyone who is
interested can email me. I got a little lost in the middle of all the
activity on
both MTD and JFFS. I have to get in sync with all the developments and

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