Has MTD production quality support for DOC2000?

Sigurd Urdahl sigurdur at ifi.uio.no
Fri Aug 11 04:16:01 EDT 2000

David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at redhat.com> writes:
> sigurdur at ifi.uio.no said:
> >  I'm quite new at embedding my penguin, and will have to embedd it on
> > a DOC2000. But since I'm new at this I am quite confused... I am
> > considering going with MTD instead of m-sys drivers, but after
> > searching the archives I'm still not sure on wether MTD is stable
> > enough for production or not, so please help:=) 
> Not yet, if you want to write to the device. Nobody at the moment seems to 
> be working very fast on it, and I've been busy with JFFS recently.


> Linking the M-Systems drivers into your kernel will place _you_ in violation
> of the GPL and you may be sued,

If the driver is compiled as a module and I use loadlin and initrd to
load it from a Dos-formatted DOC I thought I would be in the clear
_legally_, but I know it's not a very good idea tachnically or moraly.
And I'm probably not going to do it either - I'll rather wait for the
next prototype (there is a whole series of prototypes I'm going to
test - and no, I wasn't part of the team spec'ing them..) to arrive,
and hope it's non-DOC based:)

> so why not help out with the MTD drivers?

I would really like to if I thought I could help, but with my coding
skills and general knowledge of linux-drivers I think I would slow
down rather than speed up the development;)

sigurd urdahl

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