CFI chip detection

David Vrabel dvrabel at
Mon Aug 7 05:27:49 EDT 2000


In cfi_cfi_probe() there is
	for (base = (1<<cfi.chipshift) * cfi.interleave; base < map->size; base
	     (1<<cfi.chipshift) * cfi.interleave)
		cfi_probe_new_chip(map, base, &chip[0], &cfi);
to detect aditional chips.  However is did not work on the board I have
(SBC-MediaGX).  Removing the `* cfi.interleave' caused additional chips
to be detected.  Is this a quirk particular to this board or is the
above code wrong?

The SBC-MediaGX has:
  1x 28F640 in x8 mode for the 8 Mbyte board
  2x 28F640 in x8 mode for the 16 Mbyte board

David Vrabel

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