JFFS corruption

David Vrabel dvrabel at arcom.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 04:17:53 EDT 2000


After running the following test during the weekend the JFFS filesystem
was corrupted.
    copy files from dir1 to dir2
    check checksums match
    copy files from dir2 to dir1
    check checksums match
The board would then be reset at a random time (using the hardware

All the files have strange stuff in them eg

Unfortunatly syslogd was logging to this partition (with hindsight I
should have logged elsewhere...) so the log was trashed but after the
corruption we have
 kernel: Waiting for chip, status = 4 <-- from cfi_cmdset_0001.c
 kernel: Didn't read all bytes in flash_safe_read() <-- from JFFS
several times (all at the same time).  Don't know if this is relevant
since it only occured once 24 hrs after.

According to the logs of the actual test (which I did log remotely) the
corruption did not occur after a reboot but after 30 or so iterations of
the test.

David Vrabel

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