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Mark Ferrell mferrell at
Thu Oct 21 00:13:47 EDT 1999

Anyway, I have what appears to be a very ruff around the edges driver
for the pmc551 cPCI Memory module by Ramix Inc.

The module detects the start address in memory and the onboard DRAM size
and all that crazy stuff and appears to work fairly well all in all.
Unfortunately I am having 'issues' w/ getting the mtdblock layer to work
on it.  Is there something special I should do far handling that?

If I load the mtd.o then the pmc551.o then then mtdblock.o I get a
kernel panic

If I load the mtd.o then the mtdblock.o then the pmc551.o everything
appears to work, but /dev/mtd0 is unussable.

Apon cat'ing /dev/mtd0 I get the following kernel messages


And that's it.  It opens the device for a short duration of time .. but
nothing comes forth.  I tried all sortsa fun with noluck.

Any ideas, suggestions, large bat's to beat the system about the head

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