Booting from 32MB DOC2000

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at
Thu Oct 14 10:51:29 EDT 1999

count at said:
>  I would actually need to boot from it, actually with kernel 2.2.12 ..
> any news from this side? And, could you tell me which Firmware code to
> use? is it doc121.exb like I suspect?

It _should_ be. It's just that my NFTL driver leaves the device in a state
which their firmware doesn't grok, so it may not actually boot.

> > I'll be back on top of it within two weeks' time, and hope to submit a
> > working version to Linus as soon as I can, to make sure it gets into
> > 2.4.

> hm. any news here? 

I've got as far as merging it into 2.3.21. I haven't managed to get enough 
free minutes to actually make the patch and send it to Linus.

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