Booting from 32MB DOC2000

Andreas Kotes count at
Thu Oct 14 10:17:45 EDT 1999

Hi David, hi List!

> zager at said:
> > Hello, David ? Do you have any progress with DOC2000 since 19990820
> > snapshot ? Thanks in advance. 

> Some. People have sent me bug fixes, and I've made it compile and run
> with the 2.3 kernel. 
> If you don't actually need to boot off it, it appears to be working
> reliably for read-write operation. But because their driver doesn't
> understand the NFTL after I write to it, you can't boot off the DoC.

I would actually need to boot from it, actually with kernel 2.2.12 .. any
news from this side? And, could you tell me which Firmware code to use? is
it doc121.exb like I suspect?

> My contact in M-Systems has been away for a while, so I've not been able
> to work on the problems with interoperation.


> I'll be back on top of it within two weeks' time, and hope to submit a
> working version to Linus as soon as I can, to make sure it gets into
> 2.4.

hm. any news here?

Kind regards


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