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D. Jeff Dionne / VE3DJF jeff at
Fri Jul 9 03:09:48 EDT 1999

> On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > > Anyway, having come over from the uClinux project, I am very
> > > interested in anything you may have.  I can also lend a hand.  We've
> > > had XIP from FLASH now for about a year, but are stuck using ROMfs
> > > (which as you know is read only). 
> Can you fire over your patch to ROMfs to make it do this? The 2.2.10
> kernel version doesn't. 

Unfortunately, in it's current form it will not be of any use to you I suspect.
It's for 2.0.37, and is tied up with another meg of patch.  It touches lots
of stuff, and it needs cleaning :-(

We're also very 68k right now, so Linux/Intel would be some work.  You'll
need fully position independant code to start with... Does -fpic go far enough
on Intel?  You'll need to hack the ELF loader, we run a simple (low overhead)
binary format.

> > We don't have XIP. We _do_ have FTL, and are working on FFS2. The situation is 
> > something like this:
> I have read only ffs2 running, but the hair brained compression scheme is
> giving me pain :<
> On lwn there was a pointer to a Hard Hat linux which also claimed flash
> support with a flash file system, anyone know more about those guys?
> Jason

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